When businesses are involved in litigation, the dispute sometimes ends before a lawsuit is even filed. Other times the dispute ends after a case proceeds through to a jury and a judgment is rendered. Frequently, however, the final decision in commercial cases does not occur until after a judgment is entered and an appeal of that judgment is taken.

Appeals on behalf of business and construction litigation clients and colleagues have involved the filing of briefs before the Florida Supreme Court, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, the Eleven Circuit Court Appeals in Atlanta, and the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.  When the stakes are high, having a specialist for the appeal can be critical in maximizing the client’s chance for success.  Contact the Shannin Law Firm to discuss how we can assist your business or your client on these complex and important matters.

Two additional considerations for Business Law Cases:  Writs of Certiorari and Amicus Briefs:

Writs of Certiorari can be issued from an appellate court while the primary litigation is ongoing under very specific circumstances.  Those circumstances are particularly prevalent in Business Law cases, where issues of protecting trade secrets or confidential information can be of paramount importance.  A Board Certified Appellate Attorney can be of great assistance in prosecuting or defending such a writ.

Amicus Briefs are briefs filed by parties as a “friend of the court” to advise the court of the interest of a group or party that could be affected by the decision of an appellate court on an important area of law.  I have prepared Amicus Briefs for the Florida Home Builders Association and other entities seeking to provide needed input to Florida’s appellate courts.  If you know of an important legal issue being raised on appeal, don’t lose your voice just because you aren’t a party to the litigation.  Contact the Shannin Law Firm to discuss your opportunity to impact the development of the law.


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