Obiter Dictum

Professionalism in Oral Arguments

 Arguments can tear families and coworkers apart by exacerbating even insignificant issues. However, when done formally, they can let logic resolve even a multimillion-dollar dispute. To land their arguments in the latter category, attorneys adhere to various standards of professionalism when presenting their arguments before judges, juries, clients, and each other. For example, attorneys should give everybody in…

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Attorney Nick Shannin wins Florida Supreme Court decision in favor of client seriously injured by negligent actions of employees at residential treatment facility

Attorney Nick Shannin represented disabled client Cinnette Perry, who was seriously injured by the actions of employees of the National Deaf Academy, before the Fifth District Court of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court. Ms. Perry’s aunt, Denise Townes, filed suit in Lake County against the treatment facility, which raised medical malpractice defenses in an attempt to defeat Ms….

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Thanks For Being a Part of Our Team


The Shannin Law Firm celebrated five years together in 2017. Pictured (l to r) are Carol Shannin, Nick Shannin, Maria Figley, Deb Chaudhry, and Courtney Stauffer. When Nick founded the Shannin Law Firm in 2012, he brought almost two decades of courtroom experience with him, in addition to being a Florida Bar Board Certified appellate specialist. He also brought…

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More Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Florida Seal

Florida voters will see numerous proposed constitutional amendments on their ballot in November thanks to the once-every-20-years work of the Constitution Review Commission. Florida voters are likely to see more proposed constitutional amendments on this year’s ballot thanks to the once-every-20-years review process conducted by the Constitution Revision Commission. Every 20 years, the Florida Constitution requires a committee to…

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The Crown v. William Shakespeare: Attorney Nick Shannin represents the Queen in Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s 10th Annual John R. Hamilton Mock Trial

Attorney Nick Shannin questions the Crown’s star witness (Thomas Leverton) in Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s annual mock trial fundraiser. Was William Shakespeare guilty of plagiarism and allowing a female actor to perform on stage in violation of England’s laws? Those were the questions for the “jury” in the 10th Annual John R. Hamilton Mock Trial, an event that supports the…

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President’s Message – January 2015

Nicholas A. Shannin is the President of Orange County Bar Association. Each month, he writes a newsletter. His January 2015 newsletter is below: “Two Thousand Fifteen The New Year holds great promise Let us seize the chance! Resolutions of Interconnectivity “Nothing changes on New Year’s Day” croons Bono from one of U2’s earliest hits. But even within those lyrics…

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President’s Message – June 2014

Nicholas A. Shannin is the President of Orange County Bar Association. Each month, he writes a newsletter. His June 2014 newsletter is below: Starting each message, An original haiku. Poetic license! The second rule from the classic movie Roadhouse (the subject of a future professionalism-related message) is simply this: Take it outside. Both last month and this, we followed…

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President’s Message – October 2014

Nicholas A. Shannin is the President of Orange County Bar Association. Each month, he writes a newsletter. His October 2014 newsletter is below: Protect the third branch Supporting the rule of law Come Election Day! Interconnectivity: Bar and Government GOVAHMENT. That’s the way it’s pronounced in Massachusetts, site of so many of our building blocks of liberty. It’s also…

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